Unmanned airships chain for wildfire sprinkler system (UAV)

Stop wildfires forever

Science and technology are winning and prevent wildfires

The process of preventing and fighting wildfires is complicated due to difficult terrain

The newest and proven technology allows us to deploy an “air bridge” in just a few hours

With the help of artificial rain it will be possible to retain a wildfire in distance of 2 miles from a living area


maximum water flow - "heavy rain"


one-time irrigated area


one-time irrigated width


cubic ft per hour
maximum flow of water pumps

Artificial rain technology will keep wildfire under control

Recent research on wildfires in California, published in August 2018, predicted an increase in the number of wildfires as a consequence of climate change


in the area of contact with fire


safe height above the fire


resistance to wind in any direction


fire calls
return on investment

How It Works

A chain of 40 unmanned airships rises above the burning forest and hills, supporting the safe height. The group can stay there for days and weeks. Each airship has a big carrying capacity and brings powerful equipment for wildfire elimination, which can cover with artificial rain the area of 1.3 mln. sq ft. at one time. Infrared scanners and automation allow precisely direct airships to target. It allows to save water and time. An intense water evaporation can be transformed to fog. This fog will keep the fire near the ground. Afterwards the condensed water can be used again. The intensive irrigation of the forest area, which is not damaged by fire yet, creates a protective dewy zone. It helps to localize spreading of wildfire.

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