Our Story

Our Story

We are creating solutions for protection and new possibilities

Our focus is on protecting professionals in hazardous environments and difficult conditions. We are also developing technologies and unmanned aircraft vehicles that can make a significant contribution to preserving forests from wildfires.


Year we were founded


Active projects


Members in our remote team


Patents in progress

Our approach

Problem solving oriented

We have directed our efforts to areas that many people are talking about, the problems are obvious and they keep growing. Yet there has been no progress in these areas for decades.

Our leadership team

Basil Boluk

CTO & Co-Founder
Inventor, Mechanical/Electronical/Optical Engineer, 2D-3D Designer, Digital Marketing Expert. Basil oversees the firm’s business operations including customer development, marketing process, product development, and communications. Basil leads product management, design, and marketing functions globally. He is responsible for the core products and features.

Tess Volkova

Solution architect & Co-Founder
C++/Python/ROS Senior Software Engineer with experience in developing highly performance software, optimizing and porting it to embedded devices. Areas of expertise are audio processing, computer vision and machine learning algorithms. Tess is responsible for moving to domains of robotics, autonomous driving, machine learning, computer vision.

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