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We are grateful to the experts at the U.S. Army for their analysis of our AR Head-Up Display Full-face Mask (ARHUDFM) solution. In this blog, you can read the experts’ report from U.S. Army and Department of Defense (DoD), Expeditionary … Read More

Unique features of USAMWV

The idea to develop an unmanned stealth armored multipurpose wheeled vehicle was born based on an analysis of the many unresolved problems of combat use by different manufacturers in operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and its potential use by Marine … Read More

Situational awareness of shooters

Every law enforcement and military unit member takes individual and group firearms training. The purpose of the exercise is not only to quickly identify the target, the possibility of hitting it effectively and to prepare for shooting, but also to … Read More

Why it’s hard to breathe in a respirator and how to change it

An adult person at rest makes an average of 14 breathing movements per minute. However, the respiratory rate may fluctuate considerably, from 10 to 18 per minute. During one breath at rest, 400-500 ml of air enters the lungs. This … Read More

Problem solving for discomfort when wearing a mask for a long time

Excessive pressure on the tissues of the face and head The problem of different facial physiology and the comfort of wearing a full-face mask and a respirator are very much related. Typically, respirator and full-face mask manufacturers divide 2 sizes … Read More

Three stories of AR applications in medicine

Mark Underbrush MD, lead physician in the Department of Internal Medicine at St. Philippine’s Medical Center, Austin TX. Typically, my day consists of seeing new patients, observing hospital patients, and performing selected manipulations. I work on a twenty-four hour duty … Read More

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History of head-up display

Remember how the story of clocks evolved? At first, they were quite massive, and would only fit in a city tower or the spacious living room of the wealthy. After that, it was possible to take a watch with you … Read More

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