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"When companies fail to innovate their people move on and the company dies, but when militaries fail to innovate they move on and people die".

Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., U.S. Marine Corps, CENTCOM

"When a great team meets a lousy market, market wins. When a lousy team meets a great market, market wins. When a great team meets a great market, something special happens".

Marc Andreessen, an American entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer


Military, police, firefighters and physicians, have super vision, super hearing, super respiratory and facial protection, a built-in drinking system, an advanced communication system and various digital assistants using Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Computer Audition, voice control, hand tracking, and vitals body sensors

ARHUDFM Ecosystem

Our solution is a fullface mask and SaaS that increases a user’s human capabilities and situational awareness, creating tactical advantages on the battlefield, firefighting, human rescue and security

Top-10 Apps

In the video, we revealed the top 10 apps for tactical situational awareness. Compass, Intelligent Notifications and Hints, IFF and Navigation Grid, Omnichannel Messenger, Universal Controller for Drones and Robots, Fire Assistant and Night Vision, Instant Messaging, Cameras and Multimedia, Maps and Navigation, RF Scanning and Source Locating.

In the next versions of the prototype interface, we will show the capabilities of other applications, like Tasks and Auto-Tasks, Multi-Domain Operations, Mission Planning and Analysing, EOD Scanner, Vitals Body Sensors System, Passive Radar, Wiki, Virtual Mentor, and other.

Basic interface principle. Anything that is not needed at the moment should not be displayed. The user chooses the options to fill the view independently. In most cases, synthetic visual images cover no more than 10-35% of the field of view. The user never loses touch with the surrounding reality and always retains peripheral vision.

The primary method is native voice control through an AI assistant. Additional methods such as gesture control and one-handed button joystick control are sometimes also useful. The mask is the core of the platform and its brain, which includes additionally integratable external sensors and devices for various functions and tasks. The functionality is capable of meeting the current and future needs of different categories of armed forces, including the "Soldier as Sensor" concept.

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User's Pains

U.S. service members require enhanced situational awareness and access to technical data during operations. The fog of war can obfuscate reality and introduce cognitive overload. This is especially problematic when operators need to perform complex tasks in combat. To make swift decisions, operators need a way to access only the essential information to minimize distractions and make decisions

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US Army

Mentors & Advisors

Prof. Dr.
Tobias Strobl

Strategies, Venture Capital, Dual Use Markets, Launching and Implementation

Jan Philipp
Bundeswehr: Military Intelligence, Cyber Innovation Hub der Bundeswehr
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Combat Engineer, EOD Route Clearance Team
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Fire Team Leader, Cyber Security Solution
EEE / Embedded, IC, MCU, FPGA / ASIC, PCB, Radio Technology Expert & Researcher


We are interested in collaborating with defense agencies and military-technical companies in the areas of Battlefield Management Systems, Tactical AI, Battlefield Awareness, Multiple Object Tracker or Multiple Target Tracking Systems, Warfighter Health Protection, Casualty Tracking and Monitoring Systems, Live-Synthetic Training Environment, Military Drones and Robots, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Platforms, Multi‐Domain Battle Management Team (MBMT) Mobility Platform, Tactical Map and Navigation Systems, Highly‐directional Antenna, Digital Beamforming, Automated Imagery Analysis, Neuromorphic Computing and in related fields where we could join forces, share our hypotheses and experiences.

We are ready to offer to participate in a private Community, where it is convenient to conduct time-distributed intellectual discussions

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Important features of the product's application in defense, medicine, firefighting and rescue operations. As well as new features that are being developed by our experts.