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The main purpose of this mask is to be a complex solution as a protection device for people working in dangerous environments such: dust, smoke, infections and etc. This modular mask protects the respiratory organs, nasopharyngeal mucosa, and eyes against viruses, bacterias, organic and non-organic pollutions, and gases. The mask has built-in advanced multifunctional solutions, including the augmented reality (AR) optical system.

The next-generation protect and AR vision

a unique product that has no analogues yet

Superior comfort

- allows you to breathe much easier and stay on longer - no sweat on the visor or glasses - better comfort and fit for different face shapes - good ventilation around eyes, ears, neck, and forehead

Top protection

- high-end level protection against viral and bacterial aerosols and dust particles (ULPA-15 / 99.9995%) - additional protection against gases, flammable products, heavy metals, acids, ammonia and etc. - standard air pressure regulator can be connected - protection catalyst against CO could be integrated optionally

Embedded features

- built-in supplying drinks system - built-in bright LED source - built-in Bluetooth for integration with smartphone, tablet, and PC - built-in microphone and loudspeaker - built-in integration with portable two-way radio - built-in CB 26-27 MHz two-way radio on 40 ch, range up to 20 miles

Super features

- 2 high-definition cameras - HDR stereo camera with extended field of view - thermal camera 14°...+842°F +/-0.05°F - built-in OS Ubuntu mini-PC with Wi-Fi and sensors such: GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, thermometer, barometer - AR vision for situational awareness

Professionals can do more with AR HUD full-face mask

These capabilities will increase efficiency, speed up decision-making, and reduce costs. It's a superpower that would save lives.

Medical doctors

- Patient records and diagnostic cards are always at eye view - real-time measurement of body temperature - filling in new records on the fly with speech-to-text - voice control and hand tracking - videoconferencing and online chat room consultation - real-time access to library and reference materials


- monitoring areas with high temperatures - tracking of other fighters, routes, and navigation in difficult conditions - using lidar to navigate indoors in high smoke environments - air and drinking water supply monitoring - text and voice communications between each fighter and with headquarters - access to reference material for paramedics and engineers


- video and computer vision, facial recognition - on-the-fly recording of incidents with speech-to-text - conversations and text messages that are inaudible to others - enlarged field of view and thermal imaging of objects - video monitoring via drone broadcasting


- silent voice and text communications - night vision, optical zoom, computer vision, and remote object assessment - fire control for assault and cover groups - friend-or-foe discrimination in difficult visibility conditions - thermal imaging monitoring of objects - laser aiming from behind cover

Industry-leading attention to detail

In difficult working conditions, these details can be a curse or an advantage for a professional purpose

Cost-effective in use

due to inexpensive filter cartridges and pre-filters

Materials properties

Hardness values, modulus of elasticity, temperature resistance, resistance to acids

Helmets integration

Integration with Class 1-2 ballistic helmets, fire and police helmets

Long battery life

up to 40,800 mAh

Power supply and cooling

Stabilized power supplies and active cooling of electronic components in sealed IP65 design

No weak points

No exterior cables and other vulnerable elements for snagging and breakage

Packages and conditions

Below are some of the product package options. Detailed terms and conditions for all products and options can be found in the store section of this site.


/kit with thermal imaging
Pre-Order price

Furtherium ULPA-Vision 9000


- thermal imaging camera included - lidar is not included


- US, EU, UK and Canada free shipping


- 2 years for electronic components - 3 years for housing components - 1 year for elastic seals, dampers and obturator

Furtherium HEPA-Vision 7000
full-face mask without AR HUD
  • Superior comfort
  • High protection (99.95%)
  • Embedded features (no built-in radio)
  • No super features
Furtherium ULPA-Vision 8000
AR HUD full-face mask without thermal camera
  • Superior comfort
  • Top protection (99.9995%)
  • Embedded features (no built-in radio)
  • Super features (no thermal camera)
Furtherium ULPA-Vision 9000
AR HUD full-face mask with thermal camera
  • Superior comfort
  • Top protection (99.9995%)
  • Embedded features
  • Super features


These products are integrated with full-face masks and complement their functionality well

Learn more about the product in the blog

Important features of the product's uses in medicine, indoor firefighting, and operations on landscape hotspots. As well as upcoming features that are being developed by our experts.

"Army Capability Gaps: Company-identified gaps are probable correct targets for this technology.
Problem Magnitude: Currently fielded solutions deliver mostly unsatisfactory Army outcomes.
Potential for Impact / Revolutionary for the Army: If successful, significant improvement vs. existing technological approaches.
Potential Scale of Impact: A fully deployed, mature solution could impact several Army elements.
Scientific Feasibility: Credible scientific basis for presented approach.
Tech Maturation Plan: Appropriate next steps.
Army Transition Plan: Identifies stage-appropriate next contract goal. Credible plan for near-term execution.
Commercial Product Viability: Demonstrates product has a path to commercial profitability.
Future Civilian-Sourced R&D Funding: Evolving non-DoD sources of future R&D funding.
Overall Impression: The Army would benefit greatly from this technology. We should definitely invest more time to learn more.
Warfighter Demand: We might use or recommend this solution."
Please see the detailed feedback from Army and Department of Defense (DoD) in Blog
U.S. Army and Department of Defense (DoD), Expeditionary Technology Search
The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA(ALT))